Hello, my name is Todd Klingler. Some of you already know me. I am Lucas' dad. You may have seen me out taking pictures at the games and practices. I very much enjoy taking pictures of the kids while they are playing sports. The expressions you get from them are priceless. Fortunately in this day and age with digital cameras, taking hundreds of pictures doesn't cost anything but a little bit of time to sort through them all. I have compiled a few pages of each player and posted some pictures.

I try to get a good mix of all the different aspects of the game for each player. I will get some better pics of some of the players and post later before the season ends so check back. I have given each player 4 pictures. I may add more if I get some really killer shots. Lucas probably will have more than the rest. I am sorry about that, but it is good to be king! I did this for my daughters team last year and got VERY positive responses from it.

If for any reason someone does not want pictures of their child posted, please contact me and I will happily remove them. I will only be using their first names. I am pretty sure that I have all the names spelled correctly, but if you see something amiss, let me know. It is always tough to try and learn all the kids names and faces and still have time to do all of this. God forbid that I have the wrong face with the wrong name. Once again let me know. I do my best not to make mistakes... A big thanks to whoever decided to put the kids names on the back of the jerseys. That was certainly a big help for me.

The first picture of each player are what you can expect your ordered pictures to look something like. The photographer taking the pictures kept looking at me like I was stealing his business. Maybe next year I will stand there and take pictures of every team and really get him wound up! In the mean time I have some half price photo packages! Just kidding of couse. I have had a few people ask me how much I charge for the pictures I take. As flattering as that is, I would be more than happy to give any pictures that I have for free. All I ask is that you give me a blank CD so that I can copy them for you. If you copy them off of this site and want to print them they will come out badly as I have set the resolution on them very low to save bandwidth.(webgeek gibberish) I do however love to play with the pictures and create something special. This site is designed to show off some of my graphic abilities, and I do like to make some extra cash from that. Please check out my Sports Tweaks page to see some samples. I charge $25/photo for these options, you print. Feel free to roam about the site and let me know if you have any graphic needs.

All that commercialism aside, please click the photo gallery to see some fun pictures of the kids.

One final note, please, please send me an email once you have viewed the site and give some feedback good or bad. I love to know when people are checking things out, and how I might improve something.

Thanks, TK

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